Focus Areas for a Data Governance Board

A data governance board is a group of people who work together to develop an organization’s policies and practices in order to treat data as a strategic asset. The following represents a collection of topics that this group should consider supporting, executing, and/or developing policy around. Not all topics will apply to every organization, and it’s unlikely that more than a few can be done in parallel. The collection below is not in any particular order.

Organizational Capacity

These topics help you focus on the people in your entire organization, ensuring they have the valuable skills to help solve challenges and use data effectively.

Data Management

These topics help you focus on the data within your organization and optimize it to provide the greatest benefit.

Data Access

These topics help you focus on where and how data is stored, and who in your organization (and beyond) has access to it.


These topics help you focus on using data as a strategic asset to achieve the objectives of your organization. They become significantly easier when activities in the other sections above have been completed.

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